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Project Planning, Scheduling And Cost Management

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15th – 17th August, 2017

This 3-day training program will expose the challenges associated with project planning, scheduling and cost control and prepare participants to focus on managing these constraints faced when managing projects, and develop effective measures for scheduling and controlling projects as they put the tools of project management to work.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of the training program, participants will be able to;
1. Develop effective measures for scheduling and controlling projects.
2. Manage the constraints faced in any project.
3. Learn a sound, logical framework for planning, scheduling and controlling project activities.
4. Master techniques for estimating, forecasting, budgeting, monitoring, controlling, analyzing and reporting costs and interpreting the meaning of earned-value data
5. Discover a number of sophisticated tools and techniques that can used to manage time and costs effectively on every type of project
6. Use the work breakdown structure to develop a network diagram
7. Calculate schedules using PERT/CPM
8. Identify, assign and tabulate resource requirements
9. Predict costs and work time using specific levels and estimate types
10. Plan for contingencies and anticipate variations
11. Predict future project performance based on historical data.

Intensive and interactive lectures with class exercises for Individuals and small-groups in addiction to featured scenarios. Also, course materials that includes comprehensive references specific to each unit of the course.

Target Participants:
Project Managers, Project engineers, team leaders, Project Management practitioners, project supervisors/officers, personnel who are involved in projects, Team members, Associate project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers and program managers

What you'll learn Project Costing, Project Planning, Project Scheduling, Risk Management
Seats Remaining 15
Venue 70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State.
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Starts On 15 Aug 2017
Ends On 17 Aug 2017
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