The Future of Work


The future of work is now; if anything, the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us that much. It can often take a crisis to realize broken processes, failures in a system, or better ways to achieve things, learn and create. We’ve seen that organizations that had some degree of work-from-home for their teams or were virtual-friendly have been better able to rapidly get things up and running.

Today, we are more likely to move jobs and to have a shorter job tenure than ever before. This is partially due to big changes in our economies, but also to new business models, a shift towards more service jobs. Thanks to mobile technology and internet access, remote workers are already common. Employees do not need to be in the same location for an organization to function.

Globalisation, digitalisation and other mega-trends are bringing radical shifts to how we live and work. These changes raise essential questions around the skills we need for future jobs and the quality of those jobs.

The lifespan for any given skill set is shrinking, so it will be imperative for individuals to continue to invest in acquiring new skills. The shift to lifelong learning needs to happen now because the changes are already happening.

The new workplace will be designed with regards to social distancing, signs, sanitation and more. This will all affect how companies re-staff and how workers interact and work together in the future. While nothing is certain, it is important for every human to begin to adapt to the changes today, if not, it will be challenging to catch up later.


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