Q2 is here and we’re here for it!

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Hello there!

Welcome to April! We hope you are just as excited as we are! If you’re not, I understand, no one knew that we’d be battling a pandemic.

The last few weeks have seen terms like ‘social distancing’, ‘lockdown’, and ‘working from home’ take center stage in our public conversations. We encourage you to maintain the rules laid out by the government and health agencies for the times ahead.

We are grateful to our health workers who are at the forefront saving lives and risking it all in the fight against the further spread of the pandemic. We urge you to help in the fight by staying at home.

We thank our friends and partners who ensure that we continue to provide topnotch technical talents, build amazing software products, make brilliant designs that tell compelling stories, take projects from start to finish, and raise the next generation of technical leaders.

Despite the switch from working on-site to remotely, our month of March was awesome. Here’s a summary:

Our CEO, Dele Bakare, was interviewed on Tech Turks where he shed insight on the wonderful job we do at Findworka. The programme was anchored by Uzoma Dozie, CEO and Founder of Sparkle. Watch the full video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-cGRhMFt0D/

After three months of intensive training, we have concluded Findworka Academy. In this Medium article, Our Community Relations Manager, Glory Ejike recounts how the training went: https://medium.com/@gloryejike7/findworka-academy-2-0-technical-training-with-a-difference-ff138d48a844

We are glad to have added to the talent stock of our ecosystem. Be sure to look out for our announcement on when the next cohort starts.

What’s to come?

Plans are in the works for Saucecode 2020. We’re keeping a tight lid on things for now but rest assured it’s going to be grand!

We have also secured partnerships with major players in our ecosystem, and forward-thinking individuals who are committed to using tech as a driving force for the development of their communities. We are truly excited for the coming days!

As the global workforce adjusts to the current realities, we are here to help make the switch seamless. We provide top-notch tech talents and extend engineering teams for ambitious people and companies. Talk to us to get started: [email protected]

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As we grapple with the enormous scale and human impact of this pandemic, our community continues to support and learn from each other. We invite you to share your thoughts with the Saucecode Community at https://saucecode.xyz

Even through this pandemic, remember to keep learning and creating.

Stay safe, and wash your hands!

Yours in tech,