June Liftoff...3,2,1

Hello there!

Welcome to the month of June! We trust you are keeping safe. Despite the doom and gloom, there were global cheers on May 30 as SpaceX, the rocket company founded by Elon Musk, launched a Falcon 9 rocket with a Crew Dragon capsule carrying two NASA astronauts into outer space.

We thank our friends and partners who ensure that we continue to provide top-notch technical talents, build amazing software products, make brilliant designs that tell compelling stories, take projects from start to finish, and raise the next generation of technical leaders.

Despite the switch to working remotely, our team of software developers, product designers, and project managers continue to provide excellent service to our clients globally.

The month of May was exceptional for us!

We had our first webinar session in the ‘Findworka Webinar Series.’ Moderated by our Community Relations Manager, Glory Ejike, the session had Concept Nova’s CTO, Andyson Utomudo, and CcHub’s Head of Programme, Kelvin Umechukwu on the panel. They shared insights on the benefits of learning and growing in these difficult times, as well as harnessing the opportunities that come with being invaluable in a challenged workforce. The session was well-attended by developers, tech enthusiasts, and young professionals. We had a great time with our guest speakers.

On May 2, Findworka turned 4! In this article, our Community Relations Manager, Glory Ejike, looked back on how far we’ve come and the good times ahead: Findworka at 4! - Random

Building on our partnerships with major players in our ecosystem, and forward-thinking individuals who are committed to using tech as a driving force for the development of their communities, we continue to expand our reach and improve the ecosystem. We are truly excited for the coming days!

We are expanding our talent network and we call on all ambitious developers to sign up. Our Findworka PRO pool boasts of the finest technical talents in our ecosystem. When you sign up as a Findworka PRO, you get premium access to the best software design and development projects. https://pro.findworka.com/core/join

Looking to learn something new?

Spending a lot of hours behind the keyboard and getting your hands dirty will make you grow as a developer. Here are 7 projects you can work on to help you improve as a developer. Feel free to pick your own tech stack — use whatever you like: A List of Fun Things You Can Build as a Developer

If you’ve started looking into what it takes to be a developer, you have probably noticed that there are literally hundreds of thousands of paths to take in learning programming. This article helps narrow your choice of paths: Getting Started As A Self-Taught Developer

We’re literally already halfway into 2020. Now’s a good time to revisit this: 20 Predictions about Software Development trends in 2020

As we grapple with the enormous scale and human impact of this pandemic, our community continues to support and learn from each other. We invite you to share your thoughts with the Saucecode Community at https://saucecode.xyz

Stay safe, and wash those hands!

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