Hackathon; team introduction and problem

My team is made up 3 tech guys and one girl. We are two ui designer and 2 developers. More about my team;
My name is ogbu stanley chukwuemeka, I’m a user interface designer and visual designer. I’m the team lead. Next in my team is Victory Nchetachukwu Aghazie. He is a Product Design. Junior level designer. He is obsessed with human centered designs… Another one is Muo Sophia Onyinyechi.
She is a frontend developer. She is an intermediate developer. The last team member is Ashimi Adebowale Abdulwahab.

Backend Developer. PHP Laravel.
Co-lead Gdg Gwagwalada.

Problem statement.
My team have choosen to bring a business solution to cryptocurrency investment problem. Where users can use their fiat investment to invest in crypto assets.

Thank you

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Have you been able to submit your prototype yet

Not yet. We have not submitted :heart:

But is there any submit button. Cos Im not seeing anyway to submit.