Findworka March Roundup

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Hello there!

We’re almost halfway into March, and we hope you’re doing well, just like we are.

We thank our friends and partners who ensure that we continue to provide topnotch technical talents, build amazing software products, make brilliant designs that tell compelling stories, take projects from start to finish, and raise the next generation of technical leaders.

Ooin! Here’s what our February was like:

We were at the Innovation Showcase Week 2020 and it was a wonderful experience. The Innovation Showcase Week is an expo for startups in the Facebook Start Accelerator and CcHUB Incubation Program. The event which is a melting pot for industry experts and tech enthusiasts who are interested in the product and service offerings of various startups featured a wide range of innovative solutions on display and brilliant developers onsite.

After three months of intensive training, our UI/UX students from the Findworka Academy concluded their training with a project presentation that had our CEO and COO in attendance. Their amazing experience doesn’t end here, we have placed them on internships with our hiring partners where they will harness their talents and improve their skills. The next cohort starts in April, be sure to look out for our announcement.

Forum by Saucecode is also up and running!!! Forum by Saucecode is the village square for techies. Enjoy cool features and earn badges when you post. Sign up, share your thoughts on anything and everything tech!

What’s for March?
We celebrated International Women’s Day along with the rest of the world by honouring the women in our workplace with a special #IWD2020 piece written by our amiable Community Relations Manager, Glory Ejike:

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Our Findworka PRO pool boasts of the finest technical talents in our ecosystem. When you sign up as a Findworka PRO, you get premium access to the best software design and development projects.

Be sure to also check out the ‘Jobs’ category at

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We had a wonderful 2019 but don’t just take our word for it, read all about it here:

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Yours in tech,

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