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Findworka is a tech company based in Lagos, Nigeria, that supplies technical talents to ambitious companies and teams. In addition, Findworka also builds software products for companies. Some of Findworka’s clients include Vapo, Riby, SpotHR etc. Every day, lots of companies come to us to hire software developers. Over the course of years, we have successfully matched developers with their dream companies. Often, there are few developers that can be referred to these companies.

Here are our top tips for getting a developer job in Nigeria:

  1. Be Informed — Notwithstanding that the experience in the tech industry differs from the standard work experience, that does not mean you should not be aware of the job you are applying for. Research about the company and the role you are applying for. You can visit Glassdoor or LinkedIn to check out reviews/information on the company’s hiring process.

  2. Brush up your CV/Resume — If you are going to apply for that job, it is good practice to not just send out that CV you have had for years. Change is constant and you may have done 1 or 2 projects which are not included in that CV. The inclusion of those projects could be what separates you from other candidates. While brushing your CV, ensure that you put your best foot forward. Your CV is the first impression your potential employer has of you even before checking out your Github profile.

  3. Learn a Popular Language— In Nigeria, there is more demand for enterprise applications. Therefore languages like .NET, C#, Java, Python and JavaScript(MEAN, MERN, PERN stacks) are increasingly popular languages requested by our clients. However, if you are looking for remote jobs, knowledge of web development is always an added advantage.

  4. Attend Meetups, Hackathons and Tech Conferences — If there is one thing developers hate, it would be networking. But the best way to get a job is to put yourself out there. Some companies sponsor meetups because they want to build a relationship with a developer community and jobs are usually advertised at these meetups. Hackathons get sponsored by companies because they are looking for creative improvements on their product and software engineers to join their team.

  5. Signup on a Talent Placement Platform like Findworka — Recruiters often use the services of Talent Placement platforms like Findworka to recruit developers. The reason is that these platforms have a standard for testing developers’ technical competencies and filter developers thereby reducing the burden of hiring on the company.

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At Findworka, we match developers with their dream company. We currently have exciting opportunities and roles for developers regardless across various stacks.

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