DevTask 3 - Building a Random quote generator - Frontend

Hello, Here’s another #DevTask for you!
Build a random quote generator, not a lot of design is needed here, but users should be able to click on “Generate” and have a quote show up. You can take it further by allowing users to determine what type of quote they want to see ( emotional, Career, Love etc)

Reply with a Github link and a link to the hosted site on Netlify.

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Github link:

Netlify link:

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Here’s my solution!

I could have written everything in one javascript file but I decided to put the quotes in a json file and make an AJAX REQUEST to get it

Live Site:
GitHub Repository:

Hello… please can I still join the task I just found out about it now, and if I can do I have to start from the first task .

I want to Participate in the front end stack

Netlify Link:
Github Link: