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Developers, Digital Creatives, Tech Biz Devs

Work in Lithuanian top tier tech companies for one year through the Digital Explorers programme.

Applications are invited from developers, digital creatives, and tech business developers to embark on an international career advancement journey at www.digitalexplorers.eu

The  Digital Explorers programme consists of a paid 1-year work placement within the Lithuanian ICT sector while undergoing training in emerging technologies.

Lithuania is a vibrant and ever-growing European ICT hub at the cutting edge of technological advancement and high ranking on several ICT ratings in Europe and globally.

Through the reintegration component of the Digital Explorers programme, you will access support upon return to Nigeria to either work in Nigeria's ICT sector, work remotely or freelance for international companies or create your own startup.

This initiative is funded by the European Union, contracted by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) through the Mobility Partnership Facility, and will be implemented by a consortium of partners including Enterprise Lithuania, AfriKo, Ventures Platform, Diversity Development Group, and Code Academy.

More information about this programme; guidelines on how to apply; as well as detailed responses to frequently asked questions are available on the programme website.

To learn more and apply, visit www.digitalexplorers.eu/  

Applications close April 01, 2019

NOTE: Earnings are in Euros

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