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Olusegun Adeoye 2 years ago

Sales Reps/Marketers

Chowa Nigeria Business Directory (CNBD) is the Nigeria arm of Chowa International Business Directory. One of our major objectives is to create income opportunity to every category of people; students, unemployed graduates, underpaid employee, the unemployable and even professional marketers/sales reps. We are also looking for people to build a career with us and manage their own workload, targets and projections. By joining our team of Sales Representatives, we have uncapped commission with a minimum expected on target earnings of N80,000 -150,000 per month.


How does it work?

As our Sales Representative, all you have to do is to get businesses enlisted on Chowa Nigeria Business Directory; as simple as that. Visit businesses in your towns or residence of choice, market stalls, street businesses. From Large scale businesses in the commercial cities to the small scale artisans on your street must be on Chowa Nigeria Business Directory. Irrespective of the industry; hotels, restaurants, schools and colleges, churches and prayer houses, artisans, any business venture at all that needs to be found by the public. Adequate training and retraining will be given. The ideal candidate for this offer must be proactive, service driven and enthusiastic, ready to take on challenges and play a key part in contributing to the success of the business.


1. Monthly bonuses for outstanding Sales Representative.

2. Outstanding Sales Representatives get as much as #1,000,000 yearly bonus either in cash or vacation.

3. Becoming Principal Agent, Regional Manager or International Representative of Chowa International.



1. Ability to operate Computer or phone app very well.

2. Discipline and honesty. Passion, determination, focus to succeed. If this is you then visit www.chowa.com.ng/career.

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A cool guy with a lot of experience in a
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Toyosi Ajoke
Hardworking and agile
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