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Technology Lead at an accelerator.

The organization is Africa’s first Civic Tech accelerator. A community space for civic tech leaders, developers, social entrepreneurs, journalists and anyone seeking to build tools, and solve social problems. Job Description: 1. Development and maintenance of products created within the lab 2. Manages the technology projects in the lab 3. Manage internal and external clients in the lab 4. In charge of research and development within the lab Systems design 5. In charge of building a supporting technology community for the Media lab 6. Manages all the development teams within the lab 7. Ensures that development is optimized for time and resources 8. Facilitates collaborations with other technology companies 9. Develops training programs within the lab 10. Ensures that each developer has a clear growth path within the lab 11. Manages the final User testing of all products 12. Ensures that the top performers in the lab stay 13. Manage the production of reports and other publications within the lab 14. Code Documentation management
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Olanrewaju Abidogun
I’m a proficient full-stack software d
Oluwasegun Ajayi
I am a young vibrant software programmer
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