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Excellence In Salaries And Wages, Pension Funds And Personal Income Tax Administration (2nd Batch)

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Participants will be exposed to time tested and best practice methods in principles of compensation management, salaries and wages, pension funds and personal income tax  management and computerized payroll administration.



·  Principles of Compensation Administration and Management

·  Salaries and Wages Incentive Schemes

·  The Various Available Incentive Schemes: Time Work, Payment by Results, Group Bonus Scheme, Individual Bonus Schemes, Profit Sharing and Co-partnership Schemes

·  Personal Income Tax Rules

·  Paying Salaries and Wages

·  Provisions of Pension Act 2004

·  Salary Frauds

·  Managing the Issue of Ghost Workers and Pensioners

·  Computer Fraud in Salary Administration

·  Administrative handling of Salaries and Wages Frauds

·  Fraud in Payroll and Pension Transactions

·  Salaries, Wages and Pensions Accounting

·  Budgeting for Salaries and Pensions Contribution

·  Auditing and Investigating Payroll and Pension Transactions


For Whom: Accountants, Auditors, Senior Executives with tax responsibilities, Personnel and Admin Managers, Information Technology Managers, Pension Managers, Union Members, Payroll Administrators, Tax Planners and Administrators, Human Resources Development Managers and other senior to middle management staff  who perform related functions in Public and Private Sectors.

What you'll learn Participants will be exposed to time tested and best practice methods in principles of compensation management
Seats Remaining 15
Venue Alpha Partners Professional Training Conference Centre, 200, Muritala Mohammed Way (3rd Floor) Opposite Adekunle BRT Bus-stop, Yaba - Lagos.
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Starts On 24 Oct 2017
Ends On 27 Oct 2017
Registration Closes 23 Oct 2017


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