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Computerised Salaries And Wages Administration

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Salaries and wages function is usually the first to be computerized in organizations in the public and private sectors. It will amount to stating the obvious that in more than ninety percent of the cases, salaries and wages function is already computerized. Yet a great percentage of staff engaged in this very important function have not been properly trained to grapple with the problem of using computers to carry out their functions. It is therefore imperative that all forward looking organizations participate in this very important workshop.



-        Wages and Salaries Negotiation

-        Collective Bargaining

-        Disbursement Policy and Procedure

-        Tackling the Vexed Issue of Ghost Workers

-        Influence of Government Policies on Salaries and Wages Administration

-        Accounting System Design and Installation for Salaries

-        Choosing a Salaries and Wages System

-        Available Modules in a Typical System

-        Computer Hardware Requirements

-        Use of Computer in Preparing the Payroll

-        Salaries Fraud Management in a Computerised Environment


For Whom: Accountants, Auditors, Personnel and Admin Managers, Human Resources Development Managers, Union Members, Information Technology Managers and other staff involved in Payroll Administration in both the Public and Private Sectors.

What you'll learn Salaries and wages function is usually the first to be computerized in organizations in the public and private sectors.
Seats Remaining 15
Venue Alpha Partners Professional Training Conference Centre, 200, Muritala Mohammed Way (3rd Floor) Opposite Adekunle BRT Bus-stop, Yaba - Lagos.
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Starts On 11 Jul 2017
Ends On 14 Jul 2017
Registration Closes 10 Jul 2017


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